Share and celebrate performances

Sharing positive events in fun universes reinforce sales forces involvment and engagement.

Broadcast the performances to enhance your teams

Customize what information you want to display to enhance your teams.

The screens are based on the information you want - scorecards, challenges, battles, competitions, or just an image ... Create multiple channels, with as many screens as you want.

Your data is always updated in real time.

several types of screens on a channel

Choose the information to broadcast

In addition to choosing the information to display on the TV screens, you can choose the screen model.

There are 4 models for scorecard-based data: Podium, Ranking, Progress, or Snapshot, which showcase different aspects of performance.

Other models allow you to highlight the challenges in progress.

a podium screen

Evolve in fun worlds

You can customize the different models through our universes. The classic universe allows you to stay simple, while others will show funnier environment.

We are constantly evolving and working on different worlds that you will soon find in our application.

different universes for tv channels

Complete your screens with feed and splash screens

The feed will show at the bottom of your screen. You can insert events related to your scorecards, or an RSS feed of your choice.

Splash screens fire during a new event, for example when a player or a team reache his goal, a sale of more than 1000 €, the launch of a challenge or the arrival of a new player.

You can customize the feed and splash screens as you see fit, without limits.

splashscreen example
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