Intuitive vizualization to engage your teams

Visualize dashboards for all the group, for teams or players.

Follow your KPIs

By creating your own KPIs, all the data crucial to your activity management is transcribed on a single scorecard. You visualize at a glance the evolution of your performances.

image of 4 indicators

Customized goals for each player

The performance curve depends on the objective set for the period. You may need to customize the goals for each player, depending on the positions and roles of each.

You also apply a global goal (for all the group) that players will have to reach together.

image of goal per player and global goal

Customize goals by player

You can see the performance of individual players, your teams or the group as a whole (ie all members of the scorecard together).

detail of a player's performance

Real time updates allow you to act immediately

No more waiting until the end of the month to realize the delay. Data is updated automatically and immediately, so you can see performance in real time.

Compare the performance of the current period with that of the previous period to see the progress.

curve and detail table of events

Visualize the status of your performance in a snap

With simple colors, you know immediately where you are, for each indicator.

The color codes are calculated according to the rhythm, that is to say the ideal curve to reach the goal, which takes into account the time slots and the working days that you have entered.

The goal is reached !

The goal will be reached soon. You have the right pace.

Be careful, you are moving away from the ideal pace.

You are late...


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