Boost your sales performance platform is the best way to engage your team.

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Challenge your teams, manage with fun offers challenges to improve your performance and create a dynamic and positive atmosphere!

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Dive into fun universes immerses your teams, and makes the indicators and the goals transparent.

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Instant setup

In just a few minutes, you will use the application and the customizable features.

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Connect to your CRM

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Import users

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Create metrics

The application is directly connected to your CRM and updated in real time.


Intuitive vizualization to engage your teams

Scorecards are dashboards which allow to visualize sales performances in real time for your KPIs. The level of detail helps to follow performances individually or by teams.



Share and celebrate performances

Sharing positive events in fun universes reinforce sales forces involvment and engagement.



Engage and challenge

The application offers several types of challenges, to develop team spirit and healthy competition. Sales forces engagment and motivation are encouraged every day, thanks to gamification.



Automated sales management

Managers and sales representatives are informed under any circumstances, by customizing notifications on each device (web and mobile application, TV channels).



Always connected

The vizualisation of performances is easy, especially for travelling salespeople or geographically separated groups. The mobile application allows to keep informed all collaborators, wherever they are.

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