Animate your teams

Involve your teams by creating customized challenges.

Motivate your teams through the principles of gamification

Gamification allows you to bring a fun environment to your management, using the mechanics of the game. Players are more involved, and their performance is boosted.

You can also use teams and build strong cohesion within the company.

hero illustration

Discover our different types of challenges

Challenges, competitions, battles, championships, everything is good to motivate your teams! Individually or by team, with a prize for the winners, over a week, a month, or a year, there is bound to be a challenge that can boost your performance.

visualization of a battle

Visualize your challenges on all your devices

The various challenges you have created will be visible on both versions of the application (computer and smartphone), and you can also configure them on your TV channels to animate your teams in all circumstances.

a battle on computer, mobile and television

Check out the positions on the scorecards

Ranking can be a motivational tool in itself. Thanks to scorecards, you can see the positions of each, individually or in teams, and on each indicator.

ranking of players


Ask us a demonstration, and let's talk about your project !

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